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I offer Adult Narcissistic Relationship Abuse Recovery & Couples Therapy via telehealth therapy throughout California.

Working with me, you will gain awareness, understanding, and the ability to heal from an NPD relationship, as well as the ability to create a healthy & trusting marriage & relationships.

Growing up with a self-centered parent or self-focused partner, you most likely know what it’s like to put another person first, experience “crazy-making” behavior, focusing solely on the other’s needs and wants. You may be struggling alone, wondering why you are seeing your parents’ or significant others’ behavior as critical, dismissive, neglectful, controlling and cruel behavior and others’ see them as charming and kind. 

“The moment that you start to wonder if you deserve better, you do.”

I help my clients heal from a narcissistic parent or toxic relationship, find strategies and tools to create healthy and balanced relationships, and feel empowered to create a truly happy, meaningful, and authentic life.

Sound familiar?

Here are some common terms related to narcissistic abuse.

Narcissistic personality disorder

A mental health condition in which a person is incredibly self focused and has an excessive preoccupation with one’s own self, wants & needs at the expense of others.


A form of psychological abuse in which narcissists undermine other’s mental state by leading them into questioning their perceptions, realities, and feelings.

Gray Rock

Achieving this state is a boundary setting & conflict-avoidance strategy that is effective in dealing with narcissistic personalities. It simply means making yourself non-reactive & somewhat unemotional in order to not engage with the narcissist.


Narcissists see the world in black and white, binary terms. Parents who suffer from narcissism often idealize one Golden child, and devalue, or Scapegoat, the other children.


Whereby a parent looks inappropriately to a child, usually but not always the oldest or most capable, to take on parental roles & responsibilities in the family. Narcissists often parentify a child to meet their emotional, physical, and/or sexual needs.

Flying Monkeys

Flying monkeys in the narcissistic sense are Enablers who go along with the narcissist’s dirty work (& fulfilling the feeling of being “backed up”) often to avoid being targeted themselves. They are often children or other relatives.


This is Complex PostTraumatic Stress Disorder, a condition common in narcissistic abuse victims. CPTSD includes a wide range of disabling symptoms including hypervigilance, insomnia, fear & anxiety, low trust, negative thought process and overreactivity.


Narcissistic Abusive Relationship

Help for people who have been love-bombed, gaslighted (your reality questioned), criticized and your boundaries ignored which may result in anxiety, depression or low sense of self.

Adult Child of Narcissistic Parent

Help for growing up with a self-absorbed parent with a lack of empathy, isolation, blame, lack of understanding, passive-aggressiveness, lack of protection and suggested feelings of being unlovable.

Marriage & Couples Therapy

Help for couples/relationships struggling with communication, getting individual needs met, being heard and flushing out individual differences that need understanding and may be causing harm to the relationship.


I’m Kristen.

For over 20 years, I have been practicing as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Marin County. I specialize in therapy for marriage/couples, adult children of narcissistic parenting, and abusive relational narcissistic relationships. I mostly focus on narcissistic relationships and parenting & the effects and symptoms of being part of a narcissistic dynamic.

Being the daughter of a narcissistic mother who abandoned the family at age 12, I feel strongly about empowering yourself and recovering from the deep wounding that comes with being the child of a narcissist, as well as being part of a narcissistic family dynamic. What surprises me the most about individuals I work with towards narcissistic healing is that they often don’t realize that what they experienced was significant emotional trauma.


“You can’t force someone to respect you, but you can refuse to be disrespected.”

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