Kristen Fong MFT Therapist

Therapy for Busy Couples & Individuals

Why can’t we talk without it turning into a fight?

I’m tired of being misunderstood.

We used to be a team, what happened?

I just want to be loved.

Does this sound like you?

Even busy, successful people have relationship problems. You’ve tried reading books, but it’s hard to put in place what you learn. Maybe you’ve learned some skills, but the moment you get triggered, they go out the window. In addition, you have limited time to figure out what’s going on.

You’re desiring lasting change.

Old arguments are getting played out over and over, without resolution, you’re hurting from emotional disconnection and the struggle is causing you endless stress in all areas of your life.

It’s so frustrating and makes you feel like you’re failing.

I understand, I’ve been there. Thankfully, I have come out the other side.

You’ve found the right place to move forward

You desire a healthy, connected, fulfilling relationship, but the steps to getting there are alluding you.

I am a relationship therapist with a proven method to moving away from problems to solutions. The default responses and reactions aren’t working, so building solutions into your dynamic will ensure that these problems have much less impact on your life in the future.

Your first step is a commitment to prioritizing your relationship, the same as prioritizing your children & parenting, career and other things in your life that you’ve been successful at. Relief is closer than you think.

Anxiety & Depression Is Connected to Childhood Trauma & Relationship Difficulties

Throughout life we can go through many life transitions (marriage, changing jobs, having children) that can cause anxiety and depression. Often, both can occur at the same time. Interestingly, both anxiety and depression are the most common reasons people seek out therapy.

Experiencing significant conflict, strained communication or unresolved issues in relationship can all lead to anxiety and depression. At the same time, creating a fulfilling, loving relationship staves off the tendency to become depressed. Both are highly treatable. Understanding the sources, processing and finding a new mindset and new patterns can give you a fresh start.

Are you ready to begin?

If you are truly ready for real change, and want to end any continued time spent struggling and suffering, I am hear to help. I invite you to contact me for a free consultation call to find out more about a plan to transform your relationship.


Contact me today for a 20 minute, no charge consultation


Strengthen trust, communication, & understanding

Solutions and strategies when trust and communication are broken, resolve difficulties, leave the past in the past and get your marriage on track.


Reduce Worry and Fears

Learn to change your anxious thoughts, and eliminate the appearance and intensity of your anxiety.


Manage or Eliminate Symptoms

Learn how changing your mindset can change your life.


Recover and Heal

Learn to process and cope with painful childhood experiences


Convenience and Flexibility

Effective, convenient support…virtually anywhere.

A short while ago, I could not have imagined I would be writing a testimonial for my marriage counselor. I was petrified to seek help for my troubled marriage but having nowhere else to turn, I somehow gathered the courage to ask for help.

Kristen is naturally kind, compassionate and one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. And most importantly, she is so skilled at her work. I’m in awe of how effective Kristen was in guiding change and betterment in my marriage. It didn’t take long before I felt tremendous relief. Seeing Kristen truly turned out to be one of the best decision of my life.
— J