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Being in relationships isn't supposed to be easy. Neither is  maintaining happiness 24/7. Imagine me as your relationship consultant, an objective support person who will help you dissect and clarify the difficult emotions that you are bringing you into my office. My belief is that no matter the state of your relationship, if you come to therapy with an open mind and willingness to learn new skills, positive change will occur.

How we interact in all areas of our lives was informed by the role modeling we grew up with. This often leaves us feeling stuck or unhappy with no idea why. Through couples and individual therapy you will become more self-aware,  recognize defensive behavior, obtain the ability to name your pain, problem solve, deescalate anger and improve communication. These skills form the foundation for solid, healthy lasting relationships and a sense of well-being.

My therapy sessions are low-key, safe and confidential, so you feel comfortable and respected. My style is empathic, interactive and effective.  

 I have been a  Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in Marin for over 17 years.  I hold a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco. In addition to private practice, I have worked in a variety of settings including  Marin County Juvenile Drug Court (Adolescent / Family Therapist), Coordinated Youth Services Council (CYSC) a Program Coordinator, and Nine Grove Lane. I have also taught a number of classes on relationships and parenting around the Marin Community.