Therapy FAQs

Possibly committing to counseling deserves careful consideration and trust. These are some of the most common questions. I hope they help you make the decision about starting counseling with me.


I feel I should handle my problems myself. Why come to therapy?

This is a common feeling! Many people suffer for far too long in emotionally difficult areas of their lives not knowing how to get out of them, when a relationship expert can help them get relief fairly quickly. My clients come to me looking for assistance with marriage and couples strengthening, divorce avoidance, parenting issues, depression, overwhelm, stress, anxiety, confidence /self-esteem relationship struggles. May studies have shown the positive results of person-to-person therapy, possibly because of the important relationship that develops with therapy.


Are people always in therapy for a long time?

Some people come in wanting to solve issues that are deeper in nature such as depression or trauma, but others seek to work on a specific issue which can be solved fairly fast.


How often do people come?

In general, to create consistency and maximize growth potential, for individuals and couples I recommend once a week. Together we can decide whether to maintain, increase, or decrease sessions to reach the place you wish or need to be.


What happens in the first session?

You will have a seat in the waiting room. At your scheduled time I will bring you into my office to fill out a little paperwork and discuss your reasons for seeking therapy. If we are a good match, then we will have figured out some issue to focus on and when we'll next meet.


Do you accept insurance?

If you have insurance, I am considered an out-of-network provider. I will be happy to provide you with a monthly superbill that you can submit for reimbursement to insurance. I have chosen not to join insurance panels in general to protect your confidentiality and maintain the integrity of your therapy goals. I believe only you should have access to your treatment information, not your insurance company. Many of my clients have been reimbursed up to 80% of their session fee.


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