Marriage & Couples Therapy

It seems like the harder you try, the more you walk on eggshells and the harder it gets. Trying to get your spouse to hear you or your perspective may always seem to end up in a fight. This may result in feeling distance from them and not knowing how to bridge it.

Sound familiar?

We’ve tried everything to get our relationship back on track.

Why can’t things be the way they used to?

Other couples look happy, why aren’t we?

Why aren’t we able to communicate?

You may be feeling frustrated and hopeless, but I believe you simply haven’t gotten the support you need.

I offer a transformative, solution-building program to bring about the change within your relationship you’ve been seeking.

I offer strategies & solutions for conflict/tension, ways to build trust & healthy, directive ideas to communicate.

With this supportive approach, you can feel more connected, bridge the distance between you, and find empathy for one another.

In therapy with me you will:

  • Find better ways to communicate & understand one another
  • Bridge the distance you feel with one another
  • Build more empathy for each other.
  • Discover solutions & strategies when conflict occurs
  • Discover ways to build trust

Common Questions

What if my partner doesn’t want to come to therapy?
It is okay if your partner doesn’t want to come to therapy with you. There is a possibility to accomplish couples therapy as an individual. You will simply bring the information you learn as an individual to help you both as a couple. It is important and valuable that you are seeking your own truth & the therapeutic education will absorb into the relationship.
We are really stuck as a couple with a lot of issues in various areas. Can you help?
I have been working with couples for over 20 years. Each couple brings their own particular struggles and pain to therapy. I will most likely work with both of you on communication, increasing empathy & understanding, and finding ways to deepen, connection and setting goals.
How do I know if my partner or I am the problem?
When a person decides to seek counseling, they are usually suering emotionally to a significant extreme. You’re stuck and are not sure how to go forward. In an emotionally abusive relationship or in a family where one or more parents are narcissistic, there is no equality. You are most likely being belittled, controlled and gaslighted. We will work on trusting & valuing your feelings and knowing when you are simply seeking happiness and clarity.

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With marriage or couples relationship therapy, you will learn to have positive, process-orientated communication, learn how to strengthen trust, come to understand your differences and learn solutions & strategies for conflict.