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Common Questions

What are your session fees?
I charge $180 for Individual therapy and $200 for Couples therapy. The intake session (first session) for individuals is $200 and for couples the intake (first session) is $250.
Do you accept insurance?
No, I do not accept insurance. However, I do oer all of my clients monthly bills (called Superbills), so they may be reimbursed by their insurance carrier.

I suggest contacting your insurance company to see if they reimburse for out-of-network providers. Most clients receive a percentage of payment back.

What are the session lengths for individual & couples?
Therapy sessions for individuals are 50 minutes in length. Therapy sessions for couples are generally 50 minutes, but I suggest opting for a 90 minutes for the first session as there is often so much information to convey for both people.
What forms of payment do you accept?
I accept cash, major credit cards, debit cards, HSA and FSA cards.
Do you offer in-office sessions?

At this time I am only offering virtual sessions. I have long-time clients that I used to see in office are very satisfied & happy with our virtual sessions. I suggest trying a virtual session and see if it may work for you!

Please note: Teletherapy is not suitable for crisis situations or emergency sessions.

I feel like I should handle my problems myself, why come to therapy?
This is a common feeling! Many people suffer for far too long in emotionally difficult areas of their lives not knowing how to get out of them, when a relationship expert can help them get relief fairly quickly. Many clients come to me looking for assistance with marriage and couples strengthening, divorce avoidance, parenting issues, depression, overwhelm, stress, anxiety, confidence /self-esteem relationship struggles. May studies have shown the positive results of person-to-person therapy, possibly because of the important relationship that develops with therapy.
Are people always in therapy for a long time?
Some people come in wanting to solve issues that are deeper in nature such as depression or trauma, but others seek to work on a specific issue which can be solved fairly fast.
How often do people go therapy?
In general, to create consistency and maximize growth potential, for individuals and couples I recommend once a week. Together we can decide whether to maintain, increase, or decrease sessions to reach the place you wish or need to be.
What happens in the first session?
You will have a seat in the waiting room. At your scheduled time I will bring you into my office to fill out a little paperwork and discuss your reasons for seeking therapy. If we are a good match, then we will have figured out some issue to focus on and when we’ll next meet.

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