Healing Childhood Trauma Therapy

I feel anxious for no reason

My fears overwhelm me

I can’t seem to do anything right

I don’t feel like anyone loves me

The trauma from living through a difficult childhood causes a particular kind of pain.

It’s deep and long-lasting because it happened throughout or during your development. If not processed, the consequences reverberate all through the years. You may be wondering why you cannot feel love or trust, that you aren’t as successful as you wish, or smart or capable as others. You might be struggling with substance use and not understand why. Other symptoms may be excessive anger, anxiety, depression or “feeling young”. These feelings can signal you experienced a difficult childhood. Childhood trauma therapy can help you understand and work through the pain of your childhood.

Did my childhood affect me negatively?

You may not know if your feelings are related back to your childhood. They most likely are if you are finding you have blocks to happiness in your adult life and do not know why. You probably have thought patterns that helped you survive your childhood that are not serving you today.

When you experienced a childhood that was less than ideal, you may have these thoughts, for relief, please contact me:

  • My thoughts and needs are a burden to others.

  • Others feelings are more important than mine.

  • My behavior is so awful I enrage others.

  • When I care for someone, I’ll do anything to please them.

  • I don’t deserve protection, that’s why I don’t receive it.

I offer supportive, empathic therapy targeting beliefs & thought patterns, attachment styles & triggers created in childhood. We will not base therapy on condemning your parents or caregivers. I will help you process your experience, see it for what it was in a more healthy way, and learn how it’s affected you and find new ways to cope unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I provide difficult childhood therapy in my San Rafael office. I work with clients from throughout Marin County, Sonoma County, and San Francisco. Please contact me to find out how I might start helping you. I look forward to hearing from you.


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