Really?! Facts About Infidelity

Unfortunately, infidelity is increasingly common. Much of the information in our general social environment is incorrect and misleading. Because couples are hesitant, out of fear and possibly hopelessness, to enter therapy, they gain most of their information from the media and it can be misleading. The following are ten facts regarding infidelity.

Photo by zimmytws/iStock / Getty Images
  1. Affairs can happen in loving marriages/relationships. Affairs are mostly about crossing boundaries, not about falling in love.
  2. Most affairs are never discovered. A majority of folks can be flawless liars and excellent at compartmentalizing.
  3. When women have affairs, it is usually the result of long-term dissatisfaction with their marriage or relationships.
  4. Individuals are more likely to cheat if their friends and family members have had affairs.
  5. Infidelity is an emotional or sexual intimacy that violates a partner's trust. Obviously, you can have an affair without having sex.
  6. Seventy-five percent (75%) of persons who marry their affair partners end up divorced.
  7. It is absolutely necessary to talk about the affair with the betrayed partner. The unfaithful often partner fears creating more pain for the betrayed partner, but it actually rebuilds intimacy and helps reestablish safety in the relationship.

It IS possible to emerge from a betrayal with a stronger, closer marriage. You must both want to heal and be genuinely committed to the serious work of repairing your relationship with support or otherwise.