Couples Tips For Managing During the Holidays

Wow, the holidays are here and they can be enjoyable, but they can also be stressful and harmful to relationships if we don’t take precautions. Situations can arise that leave couples overwhelmed and can create a hostile environment towards building and maintaining a healthy relationship. Holiday parties, family gatherings, financial pressures, differing expectations, who to visit & whose home to go to, and eating and drinking more than normal. A number of these circumstances can create stress, depression or distancing.

Here are a few warning signs that you are starting to go down a troublesome path and what to do about it:

  • Snapping or barking at one another
  • Avoiding one another
  • Irritability with everyone
  • Sad and depressed
  • Eating or drinking too much
  • Isolating yourself from others
couple enjoying the holidays with one another

What To Do

  • Talk about your expectations of the holidays
  • Get help from your partner with that particular “difficult relative” if need be
  • Discuss finances and attempt to get on the same page regarding spending
  • Anticipate and discuss visits and time schedules
  • Strategize together the best ways to cope with each other’s in-laws
  • Schedule down-time together
  • Keep visits with family and friends reasonable and well-planned

Remember to be as clear as possible with your thoughts and feelings. The holidays can be wonderful, so enjoy them together.