Adult Children of Narcissistic Parent(s) Recovery

Are you experiencing anxiety, depression or feelings of trauma and wondering if you have had narcissistic parenting, a toxic relationship or difficulty with your marriage?

Sound familiar?

There are some common experiences among adult children of narcissistic parents.

Are you experiencing:

Little to no empathy from your parent or partner?

A parent or partner who is super self-conscious of what others think?

You talk about yourself with your parent or partner & somehow they refocus on themselves?

Your parent or partner rarely takes responsibility for their behavior?

You take better care of others than you do yourself?

Your expression of feelings, thoughts and opinions evokes negative consequences?

Have you gotten help for your struggles, but not gotten better, experienced anxiety and/or depression & just realized your parent may be narcissistic?

Recovery from a traumatic childhood where emotional needs were unmet & devalued requires support and guidance. Therapy with me is structured, positive & interactive. We will work together in a healthy way to bring awareness to the patterns within your relationships, which are deeply ingrained & hard to see & change. You will learn to take care of yourself, create the ability to say “no”, express your discomfort confidently & come to know when people are manipulating you.

In therapy with me you will gain:

  • Your independence
  • Coping skills for expressing your feelings
  • How to healthily handle your relationship with your parents
  • A way to deal with the guilt & criticism that comes with narcissist parents
  • Ways to set boundaries with people which will help you feel safer
  • Tools & strategies to help you cope with stress & anxiety

Common Questions

Do you have experience with NPD?

I have had special training in NPD relational abuse & parental abuse from Dr Karyl McBride. I am also a survivor of a narcissistic mother and know personally how incredibly wounding it is, how confusing it is and how wonderful & powerful it is to heal from it.

How do I know if my family or I am the problem?
When a person decides to seek counseling, they are usually suering emotionally to a significant extreme. You’re stuck and are not sure how to go forward. In an emotionally abusive relationship or in a family where one or more parents are narcissistic, there is no equality. You are most likely being belittled, controlled and gaslighted. We will work on trusting & valuing your feelings and knowing when you are simply seeking happiness and clarity.

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With therapy for Adult Children of Narcissists, you will begin to feel yourself, you will feel independent of your parent(s), will feel more empowered on your own and will take much better care of yourself with boundaries and with no guilt feelings!